Why Choose DPD?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the widest range of quality stone straight from certified quarries with no middle-man. Acting as an expert guide through the selection, fabrication and final installation process is the essence of who we are.

Our Products

Di Pietra Design offers reliable, stunning stone options that will suit your project needs and stand the test of time.


Heat resistant and needs little maintenance.
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Durable and resistant to scratches, chips and cracks.
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Stain, heat, chemical and scratch-resistant, with low maintenance.
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Long lasting, durable, stain resistant, non-porous surface.
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DPD 3- in-1 Stone Clean Spray

Protects, restores, cleans and maintains all natural stone, terrazzo, masonry and ceramic surfaces.

Green Mountain Soapstone Enhancer

Natural, food-safe product made with all-natural oils, beeswax and carnauba wax, with no hazardous VOCs.

Bellinzoni Granite & Marble Stain Rust Remover

This gel product eliminates rust stains on all stone material, including polished marble, without ruining the shine.

The Mangia Macchia Stain Remover

This poultice/paste product absorbs and removes common and stubborn stains to restore surfaces to their original beauty.


This water-based spray product cleans everyday messes while reinforcing the protection of your stone or ceramic tile with a built-in sealer.


This advanced sealer provides maximum protection on natural stone against oil and water-based stains for up to 5 years.

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Being your expert guide through the selection, fabrication and final installation process is the essence of who we are.


Our team will assist you in selecting the perfect stone and designing the ideal layout for your needs.


Our CNC machinery accurately cuts your design to perfection, and then polishes it until it shines.


We take great care to ensure each piece is delivered and placed with precision, ensuring long-lasting quality.