The qualities that make porcelain a winner for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls – mainly its durability, versatility and low maintenance – make it a winner for countertops, too, with some added benefits.
Unlike solid surface and engineered stone counters, porcelains are rated for exterior use. As a designer, that lets you create continuity between indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Porcelain gains heat resistance after its high-temperature fabrication. While you should always use a trivet for hot pots and pans, Porcelain is less sensitive to hear than other materials.

Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite and scratch-resistant. It can even withstand being occasionally used as a cutting board.

Besides being easy to keep clean, porcelain is also non-porous and stain-resistant. That’s music to a countertop owner’s ears because it means no sealing is required. Quality porcelain used to make countertops is scratchproof, along with being heatproof and highly durable.

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Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning
This material is nearly maintenance-free! Keep clean with mild soap and water, and more stubborn dirt can be removed with a non-abrasive cleanser.

Porcelain glaze can crack if exposed to hot pots and pans. Use a hot pad or trivet to protect your countertops from heat damage.

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Below are some of the porcelain products we work with at Di Pietra.