Natural Stone Spotlight: Soapstone

Soapstone is a type of natural quarried metamorphic stone. It is named so because of its soft, almost soapy feel due to the presence of talc in the stone. 

There are two types of soapstones, artistic and architectural, which are differentiated by their amount of talc. Artistic-grade Soapstone has a higher talc content and is soft and easy to carve. On the other hand, architectural-grade Soapstone has a lower talc content, which makes it harder and more suitable for use as a countertop. It isn’t as hard as granite or marble but can be easily cut, shaped and installed.

Why is Soapstone an excellent countertop material?

Soapstone stands out as an excellent countertop material for various reasons. 

Its inherent heat resistance makes it a preferred choice for kitchen spaces, allowing direct placement of hot pots and pans without the risk of damage. 

Additionally, Soapstone naturally resists stains and bacteria, providing a hygienic and easy-to-maintain surface. Moreover, Soapstone is renowned for its durability, with minor scratches contributing to its evolving patina. In contrast, deeper scratches can often be remedied by sanding and applying mineral oil.

The stone’s unique veining and subtle colour variations add an elegant, timeless aesthetic to any space. See samples of our Soapstone here.

This combination of practicality, aesthetics, and longevity makes Soapstone an exceptional choice for those seeking a high-performance, visually appealing countertop material.

Where can you use Soapstone?

Because of its resilience and adaptability, Soapstone can be used for much more than countertops; it works well as sinks, fireplace surrounds, flooring, and throughout the bathroom. It’s also an excellent choice for outdoor counters and sinks as it’s impervious to weather and bacteria.

With Soapstone’s grey tones and honed finish, it works with many design choices. This stone adaptability works with 100-year-old farmhouses and modern and contemporary construction.

Learn more about DPD360’s Natural Stone applications here.

Soapstone Maintenance

Low maintenance is the name of the game with Soapstone. Soapstone’s nonporous quality makes it bacteria-resistant, so harsh cleaners are unnecessary. Soap and water are all that’s recommended.

Soapstone durability

Soapstone countertops are renowned for their durability, resisting scratches better than many other natural stones. Despite their resilience, Soapstone can develop minor surface scratches over time, adding to its natural patina and character. However, deeper scratches can typically be sanded out or minimized with a gentle application of mineral oil, maintaining both the aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability of the soapstone surface.

Do my Soapstone counters need to be sealed?

Because Soapstone is nonporous, it doesn’t need to be sealed or protected. Not only does this cut down on maintenance, but the absence of chemicals in the fabrication and ongoing care leads many to consider Soapstone an environmentally responsible choice.

In addition to not requiring any sealer, Soapstone stays looking good. Scratches and nicks are part of its character, but sandpaper can remove bothersome marks.

Is Soapstone available in different colours?

Soapstone is available in many shades on a sliding gray scale, some with blue or green undertones. Each slab is unique and varies from quarry to quarry. The widest variation in Soapstone is in the quartz fleck and veining patterns. Some slabs have large but few veins; others have dense veins. 

Soapstone naturally darkens with use over time. Soapstone can be altered by applying mineral oil to achieve a dark charcoal black. This process can also highlight veining.

See samples of our Soapstone here.

DPD360 Soapstone in Barrie, Ontario

Di Pietra Design has been a reliable provider of quality soapstone for over 25 years.

We offer comprehensive countertop fabrication and installation services across Northern and Southern Ontario. We’ve installed Soapstone for countertops, sinks, fireplaces, steps, shower stalls, and floors. With a wide range of colours and patterns, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect style to match your home or business.

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