Natural Stone

Natural stone is an excellent choice for countertops, showers, and fireplace surrounds. Granite, soapstone, marble, quartzite, and dolomite each offer their own unique features, patterns and colours. The durability of natural stone provides resistance to scratches, heat, and stains, promising longevity and easy upkeep.

Balancing durability, beauty, and eco-friendliness, natural stone is a popular option for many stone projects in both residential and commercial spaces.

Granite is renowned for its durability, heat resistance, and aesthetic appeal - making it a popular choice for countertops. It is highly durable and offers many colours and patterns to complement any space.

Soapstone is highly valued for its ability to retain heat and resist acids, which makes it a perfect material for countertops and fireplaces. Its smooth, non-porous surface makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Marble is valued for its timeless appeal and unique veining patterns. Its cool surface, durability, and ability to blend seamlessly with classic and contemporary interiors make it a sought-after option for stone projects.

Quartzite is resistant to scratches and stains, with a similar appearance to marble. It is perfect for interior applications, especially countertops, where both elegance and practicality are needed.

Dolomite is a durable and elegant natural stone that is perfect for countertops. Its unique blend of granite and marble makes it resistant to scratches and heat while still providing visual elegance.

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Care & Maintenance

General Cleaning
Natural stone surfaces require routine cleaning with mild, pH-balanced cleansers to preserve their lustre and prevent damage. Regular maintenance, proper sealing, and using coasters or trivets will preserve your natural stone surfaces.

Resilient to high temperatures, natural stone countertops and surrounds make an ideal choice for kitchens and fireplaces.

Natural stone countertops can be susceptible to staining depending on the type of stone. Proper sealing and regular maintenance are crucial to prevent potential stains.

Scratches vary depending on the type of stone. Using cutting boards, avoiding abrasive materials or cleaners, and practicing regular maintenance can work to minimize the risk of scratches and maintain longevity.

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