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A note from our founder:

Being in this business for over 34 years, I have seen a lot of people making the wrong decisions and not doing their homework. When it comes to ‘value added products’ such as stone countertops; you truly do get what you pay for. The age old saying could not ring more truer in this industry:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. -Benjamin Franklin

Get it done right the first time. Don’t be fooled by companies promising you the best price without the ability to deliver the best product as well. Great value comes from being able to deliver the best price and the best product together. Be sure to do your homework to find out whether the company you are buying your stone countertop / product from are buying their stone from a reseller vs buying it direct from certified quarries. This will ensure you are not paying for extra middle man costs. Remember that if you are paying for extra costs such as these, the company has to get their profits from somewhere and most likely they are going to take it from the quality process of your product: IE  sacrificing qualified skill labor, finishing materials, technology and other resources needed to produce a quality product with great value.  Our systems are sustainable in all areas from our people, to our machinery and our product. I will continue to hold on to these values until the day I retire and hopefully my legacy will continue long after I am gone. This is what being a true craftsman is all about.


Jeremy Buck

Founder and CEO of Di Pietra Design

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Welcome to Di Pietra Design where pride and craftsmanship has been our reputation for over 30 years. Di Pietra, meaning ‘of stone’ in Italian represents just what we do. We are a manufacture that designs, fabricates and installs stone products. Our portfolio includes everything from countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathtub surrounds, spas and showers. We are the largest stone fabricator north of the GTA with an in-house selection of over 30,000 sqft of stone. We serve communities throughout southern and northern Ontario.

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Our state of the art facility offers leading edge CNC machinery and technology supported by our highly-trained team of craftsmen and artisans. When you walk into our facility you will witness the technology, the science, the cleanliness and the hum of dedicated people. We master the art of stone to each project we handle, as no two projects are alike. From cutting to polishing, the stone is slowly transformed as our team perfects each piece. The science of stone cannot be fully appreciated until each piece is digitally templated, crafted by our sawyers, delivered and carefully put into place.

State of the art facility


Over time we have built strong relationships with local builders, trades, craftspeople and architects and their customers. We make sure to handle our customers’ needs and recommend products that would best fit their project requirements. We stock an unparalleled variety of inventory, thereby allowing us to provide exceptional service to our customers. Commercial developers, designers and architects look to us as a resource for technical information; while designers and builders trust their clients with us. For customers, the experience we create while taking them through selection, fabrication and final installation process is the essence of who we are.

From Perry: My experience with Di Pietra Design was second to NON from start to finish. Our visit to the showroom to select our stone was very informative, by professional staff. The template was quick and painless, by a very courteous staff member, and finally the install was very professional, and informative by very well trained people. I would recommend Di Pietra Design to anyone looking to have any type of stone installed in their project.
Very well done Di Pietra!! We love the product and the support through the entire process!

From Jewels: 10/10 experience from the minute I stopped into Di Pietra Design’s showroom in Barrie. Every staff member treated us just great; friendly, professional and competent. The communication was flawless. The workmanship is outstanding and the counter tops are nothing short of stunning. Don’t waste your time shopping around and risking disappointment. Di Pietra has everything you need. They’re a one-stop shop for delivering happiness to their clients.

From Peter: Went looking for a replacement for a damaged bathroom vanity surface. First place had an OPEN sign but nobody home. Next place was Di Pietra. Open, welcoming, took my info, introduced quickly to a designer/consultant. She did NOT try to ‘up-sell’ me, but offered a reasonably priced solution to my problem. After a verbal estimate we soon had a detailed quote and stone selected. Follow up with laser measurement and then a very profession and speedy installation. I had planned for damage to the walls. There was no damage at all, and everything was cleaned up in about 30 minutes. A very professional job from everyone. A super looking new vanity and sink. Can’t ask for better than that.


Bring your home design inspiration to life. Stop in to see and touch extraordinary surfaces we’ve hand selected from around the world. Best of all, meet with our professionally trained stone consultants to find the perfect fit for your home.

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